About Us

Trillium Academy was founded in 2002 by Mr. Ron Palmer as a kindergarten through sixth grade program. The school grade level span increased by one grade level each school year. In September of 2008, Trillium Academy began offering grade levels kindergarten through twelfth grades.

The vision of Trillium is to provide a school environment that focuses on the Fine and Performing Arts Career Pathway while utilizing the Montessori philosophy. You will find these components embedded in our mission statement. For more information about our program see our program guide.

Trillium Vision Statement:

The staff and other stakeholders at Trillium Academy are dedicated to enriching the mind, body, and spirit of every child with principles of excellence and self-worth. The Academy’s vision is that the students will leave Trillium Academy as:

  • Lifelong learners in pursuit of college and career
  • Critical, innovative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Responsible and productive citizens who display good character values
  • Professionals with the means to communicate in a global society
  • Appreciation for culture and the arts

Through the collaboration of school, home and community, every Trillium graduate will be well prepared for the demands of the 21st Century. In essence, Trillium students learn the art of success every day.  

Trillium Mission Statement:

Cultivating college and career focused learners by embracing academic excellence, strong character values, disciplined artistry, and individual student passions.

Trillium Beliefs Statement:

The staff and stakeholders believe that learning is a life-long process. The Academy believes that high expectations promote high student achievement and that a commitment to academic excellence will enable the students to be productive members of a competitive society. The Academy believes that a collected focus on college and career development will increase the long-term success of the students after graduation. The Academy believes that parents, students, teachers, governance and the community share the responsibility for the support of the Academy’s mission. The Academy operates in a manner which requires all students to learn to become self-directed, independent thinkers. The staff and stakeholders at the Academy have a shared belief that a focus on strong character values, disciplined artistry and individual student passions will contribute to an environment conducive to learning. 

Trillium Team Motto:

Trillium Academy, Learning the Art of Success. 

Family/School Commitment:

Trillium Academy requests the assistance and commitment of the families of our students to instill character education qualities of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness.

Character Education at Trillium:

Trillium Academy is dedicated to developing students who possess the character necessary to become productive members of society. A solid foundation of character is essential in this process. For a full picture of the character traits taught each month at Trillium as well as parent resources, please visit tacharactered.weebly.com.

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