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Trillium Student Artwork Displayed at the Taylor Conservatory- what an honor!!!


"Trillium Seeds of Hope"

"The most powerful moral influence is example." 

~ Huston Smith

Trillium is not just a school it's a way of life. We strive as a school community to teach strategies of success to all who cross our path including positive habits of character. Everyone needs help sometimes from a smile to a hug to a shirt to food and a home. We teach and understand that caring and giving to others is reciprocal. It gives us hope that people care enough to help when you need it and you are not alone. We believe that one person can make a difference and that no gesture of kindness and generosity is too small.

Opportunities to Spread Trillium Seeds of Hope:

  • Light the Night Walk
  • Peyton's Pals
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Trillium Community Giving Tree
  • Trillium Uniform Drive
  • Change for Change
  • Walk for Wishes
  • Race for the Cure


Current Updates:

Trillium Family Assistance - If you would like to help support a Trillium Family in Need stop in the main office to inform us confidentially how you would like to help.


Click on informational tabs above for specific campaigns to learn how to help.



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