Student Life

Trillium students enjoy experiences that enrich their education:

Annual Cultural Taste Fest - students worked hard in setting up a blood drive at the same time as what we call our Cultural Taste Fest. Those that donate blood receive free tickets to the food event. Students in NHS prepared foods from around the world and did small presentations to the parents/students that came to the event about their food.

Fish & Loaves - Students partnered with Fish and Loaves to do community service in helping the organization shelve non perishable items as well as toiletries. After participating in this event, our NHS students noticed that feminine products were missing from their shelves. Upon returning to Trillium we did a monetary collection to provide these essential supplies.

Book Drive - One of our students made contact with Children's Hospital and in conjunction with Trillium's NHS members collected over 300 books to donate to the hospital for the children and their parents.

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